Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz
Birth: December 18, 1968 en Madrid, Spain.

Spanish recording artist. Has sold over 25 million copies of his CDs worldwide and has won 3 Grammys and 17 Latin Grammys.

Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro was born on December 18th, 1968 in Madrid, Spain. He is a Spanish recording artist who’s sold over 25 million copies of his CDs worldwide earning him 3 Grammys and 17 Latin Grammys. As part of his success, he’s also collaborated with various artists.

His career began in late 1988 at the age of 20 with the record, “Los Chulos Son Pa’ Cuidarlos.” At the time, he went by the pseudonym, Alejandro Magno. This record’s techno-flamenco style contained 10 songs and was produced by Miguel Ángel Arenas. He appeared on the cover outfitted in Matador clothes.

In an alternate cover, Alejandro appears dressed in a t shirt stamped with a smiley face in the middle (a popular icon for acid-house). This record was launched under the record company, Hispavox but did not gain much publicity. In fact, it is quite difficult to find it in stores. Soon after in 1990, Alejandro, along with Tino Casal, were featured on Juan Carlos Valencia’s song, “Como Un Placer,” found on Valencia’s second album.

In July of 2009, the singer confirmed on his official website the name of his newest discography, titled, “Paraíso Express.” For this disc, Alejandro Sanz, returned to a pop sound with touches of rock and the ballads that characterized his first 4 albums. Alejandro produced the album himself in collaboration with Puerto-Rican artist and producer, Tommy Torres. The two gave the album a pop rock style with 10 unedited songs written and produced by the Spanish singer.

On September 22nd, 2009 Sanz launched his first single, “Looking for Paradise,” a duo with U.S. singer, Alicia Keys. The two formed a friendship after having attended a concert at Rock in Rio. The video for the song was shot in September in Barcelona, Spain under the direction of Spanish born, Pedro Castro. The second single, titled, “Since When,” was also accompanied by a video filmed in Disney’s “Golden Oak Ranch” studios in Los Angeles, California. It was directed once again by Pedro Castro, and starred American actress Eva Longoria. The third single, “Our Love Will Legend”, was recorded in Madrid under the direction of Alejandro Toledo. The fourth and final single, “Lola Soledad” was directed by Gracia Querejeta and starred Spanish actress Maribel Verdu as the protagonist.

In 2010 the Spanish singer began his world tour called “Paradise Tour”, with over 90 stops in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe. This concert was recorded at the Sports Palace of Madrid in 3D and HD, and released in different theaters worldwide in June 2011.

In February of 2011, the signer broke off relations with Warner Music Group with whom he had worked with for 20 years and instead signed with Universal Music Group announcing the release of his album in 2012.

He later recorded a duet with veteran Tony Bennett, the Armando Manzanero classic, “This Afternoon I Saw Rain” (“Yesterday I Heard the Rain”). The song is included on the album of duets, Bennett Duets II, in which Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and other international stars also collaborated on.

He also participated as an assistant and judge in the Mexican program, “La Voz … Mexico”. On December 18, 2011 he was crowned assistant winner along with his pupil Cruz Oscar, the winner of “La Voz … Mexico” of Zacatlan de las Manzanas, Puebla.

In April 2012, Alejandro Sanz returned to collaborate with Miguel Bosé on a duet, which is included in the new Spanish album, “Papitwo”.

Mi Marciana (My Martian)

No Me Compares (Don't Compare Me)

Amiga Mia (My Friend)

Camino de Rosas (Path of Roses)

Un Zombie a la Intemperie (A Zombie Under the Open Sky)

Cuando Nadie Me Ve (When Nobody Sees Me)

  • His full name is Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro.
  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • He is 1.74 m. tall
  • Weighs 65 to 70 kilos.
  • Is a size 42 in pants.
  • Has a brother named Jesús, one year older than him.
  • Loves to read and write.
  • His favorite sport is tennis.
  • He likes many styles of music: pop, melody songs, flamenco, jazz, clásico…
  • His favorite color is black.
  • He loves to dress informally in active wear.
  • His favorite foods: salads, oysters, marisco and black beans.
  • His favorite drinks are isotonic drinks at concerts.
  • Phrase: “I cannot believe there are people who tell you: Don’t cry”.
  • He can’t stand pride and foods that are organs.
  • His main virtue is consistency.
  • Su principal defecto es que es muy desordenado.
  • Habits: He takes a shower and changes clothes every time he leaves or enters his house.
  • Favorite places: Madrid, Sevilla and the Island of Bali.
  • Favorite writers: Gabriel García Márquez, Pablo Neruda, Bécquer, Tagore, Rosalía de Castro, Miguel Delibes and Miguel Hernández.
  • What he likes most is music.
  • Alejandro Sanz is superstitious,  no member of his music team can be dressed in yellow on stage.
  • He never fails to have an isotonic beverage before going on stage, a trick he learned from his friend, Sergio Dalma.
  • His favorite method of transportation is by plane.
  • He goes to the gym whenever he can.
  • He enjoys taking in sun and watching sunsets.
  • He values punctuality.
  • He likes working late.
Tipo Trabajo Año
music Premio Amigo (Spain) – Best National Male Artist 1997
music Premio Ondas (Spain) – Best National Artist 1997
music World Music Awards – Best Selling Spanish Artist 1999
music Premios Gardel ( Argentina ) 2001
music VI Edition of the Save the Children Awards 2011

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