Bárbara Bermudo

Bárbara Bermudo
Birth: June 5, 1975 en Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Actress, journalist and presenter.

Bárbara Bermudo, journalist, was born on June, 5 1975 in Guaynabo (Puerto Rico).

The journalist started her professional adventure on ‘CBS Telenoticias’, where she worked as an intern at the news department. After finishing university in 1977, she went back to her birth country, Puerto Rico, and was immediately hired as a reporter for the morning program and the 6 p.m. news on Canal Televicentro. Later on, and prior to joining Univisión, she was a producer and a reporter for the Telemundo show ‘Edición Especial’. In her career, Bermudo has received many honors for her journalistic work, including a recognition from the City of Miami for being one of the most outstanding professionals with a Puerto Rican origin, and an award given by the organization United Way, for her contributions to journalism covering Hispanic topics in South Florida. Bermudo is a Journalism Graduate from the American University, in Washington D.C.

She married Mario Andrés Moreno, a journalist with a Colombian ancestry, in a Dade County court room. Later on, on November 29, 2008 they had a wedding at Dominican Republic. In February 2009, Bermudo confirmed ‘People en Español’ she was pregnant and, on Friday, May 15, her daughter Mia Andrea was born. On Monday, October 18, 2010, she gave birth to her second daughter, Camila Andrea. Currently, she resides in Miami (Florida) with her spouse and daughters.

Since 2002, she co-hosts with Fernando del Rincón Univisión’s morning news program, ‘Primer Impacto’, one of the news programs in Spanish covering mainly stories with a human interest, and one of the shows with the highest audience rate in the States and twelve Latin- American countries. Bermudo joined the Univisión family in 1999 as a reporter for the channel’s station in Miami, WLTV-Canal 23. There she covered important news for the community and was nominated for an Emmy for her work on a feature about teenagers and drugs in South Florida. She also gave coverage to other high-profile happenings such as the September 11th attacks. Apart from her work in ‘Primer Impacto’, Bermudo has been a commentator and a presenter in some of Univisión’s most important events.

In 2003 she had a small role in the movie ‘Chasing Papi’, starring Roselyn Sánchez, Jaci Velasquez and Sofía Vergara. In 2004 and 2005, Bermudo presented ‘Lo Que no vio de Premios lo Nuestro’ and ‘Noche de Estrellas’. She has also made appearances on TV in programs such as ‘El Show de Cristina’, ‘El Escándalo del Mediodía’ and ‘Qué Bodas’. Furthermore, in 2007, she was one of the eight covers of People en Español’s ’50 Most Beautiful People’.

In 2006 she joined Mayor Bloomberg to announce the first Latin Grammys broadcast from New York. Every year since then, she has represented Univisión to announce the next city where the show will take place. She has also been one one the green carpet’s hosts that these awards broadcast prior to the ceremony. Furthermore, she is currently one of the co-hosts of ‘Noche de Estrellas’, a red carpet show prior to the ‘Premios Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina’. Also broadcast by Univisión, these are one of the most important awards in Spanish. Bermudo has also presented numerous show for the channel: the health special ‘Pon Tu Peso Control… Entérate’, a special broadcast of ‘Primer Impacto’ to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary, and tributes to the late Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal and late singer Selena. She has also been a reporter and a presenter for other Univisión’s shows like ‘Despierta América’ and the evening news ‘Última Hora’. She was in the ‘Deportes Univisión’ team during the broadcast of the most important events in Spanish. For instance, the football match between the US and Mexico in 2007 and 2008, both widely covered by ‘Primer Impacto’.

In 2013 she launched CAMI, her own clothing line for women and teenagers, with accessories and shoes. The brand’s name is composed by the combination of her daughters’ names (Camila and Mia). ‘What I dreamed and worked on for many years is now a reality’, she says.

  • Bárbara Bermudo was strongly criticized for not marrying in Puerto Rico.
  • She would have liked having Juan Luis Guerra performing at her wedding reception, but his fee exceeded her budget.
Tipo Trabajo Año
self Reportera del noticiero de las 6 pm para el "Canal Televicentro" 1977
self Reportera para Univisión 1999
self Copresentadora de "Primer Impacto" 2002
acting Película "Chasing Papi" 2003
self Lanza su propia marca de ropa, calzados y accesorios, llamada "CAMI". 2013

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