Britney Spears

Britney Spears
Birth: December 2, 2015 en Mississippi

Britney Jean Spears is an American singer and actress.

Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raise in Kentwood, Louisiana, she began acting as a child in theatre roles. She gained fame for her participation in ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ (1992). In 1997 she signed with Jive Records and, two years later, she released her debut album ‘Baby One More Time’. It was the album with the highest number of copies sold by a soloist teenager. In 2000 she released her second album: ‘Oops… I did it again!’. In the states, it sold more than 1.3 million copies on its first week. During her first decade in the industry, she became an important person within the pop music genre and popular culture. Her first two albums gave Spears her pop idol status and broke record sales. Songs like the ones that gave both albums their names became international hits. Experts credited her as the main force behind the renaissance of teenage pop in the 90s and she was labelled as the best teenage artist of all time before turning 20. That is why she got her Princess of Pop title.

In 2001 she released ‘Britney’, her third album. The single ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ was a total hit. She also made her cinema debut on ‘Crossroads’. In 2003 she got her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame at age 21, becoming the youngest singer with that achievement. That year she took creative control of her next album, ‘In The Zone’, with the hit singles ‘Me Against the Music’, ‘Toxic’ and ‘Everytime’. After releasing a compilation album with singles such as ‘My Prerogative’ and the mix tape ‘B in the Mix: The Remixes’, her career entered a downturn due to personal issues. In 2007 she made a comeback into the music industry with her fifth studio album: ‘Blackout’. Apart from being praised by the critic, gave the singles ‘Gimme More’ and ‘Piece of Me’. In 2008 her erratic behavior and her hospitalizations led her to being in custody. At the end of the year she released the album ‘Circus’ with the singles ‘Circus’ and ‘Womanizer’.

The following year she started her most ambitious tour to date. In 2009 ‘The Circus Starring Britney Spears’ placed fifth within the tours most commercially successful that year making $131,8 million dollars. That same year she published her second compilation led by the single ‘3’. In 2011 she released her seventh studio album, ‘Femme Fatale’, with the hit singles ‘Hold It Against Me’, ‘Till the World Ends’ and ‘I Wanna Go’. She also collaborated in Rihanna’s successful mixtape: ‘S&M’. In 2012 she was a judge on ‘The X Factor USA’ and collaborated with on ‘Scream&Shout’. In 2013 she sang ‘Ooh La La’ for ‘The Smurfs’ movie. In September she published ‘Work Bitdh’, the first single from her 8th album, ‘Britney Jean’, the one that sold the least number of copies in her career. That same month she announced her first two-year residency show in Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino: ‘Britney: Piece of Me’.

Worldwide, Spears has sold more than 100 million albums and more than 100 million singles, which makes her one of the musical artists with the highest sales ever. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Spears is the artist that has sold the highest amount of copies and the eighth in The United States, with 34 million of certified copies. Until March, 2014, she had sold more than 34.8 million albums and 31.3 million downloads only in the United States where, in addition, she was the artist with the highest sales during the first decade of 2000. She placed sixth on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Celebrities Worldwide. She is also the third most mentioned single on the Internet, according to the magazine. Spears is the third artist in history with the highest amount of awards only surpassed by Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Also the second most searched artist on YouTube. Her success has led her to entering the perfumes’ industry and launching her own lingerie line: ‘The Intimate Britney Spears’.

On May 3, 2015, she released her new single ‘Pretty Girls’, in collaboration with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. The song became a worldwide hit despite the little promotion. Later on, she worked alongside Giorgio Moroder on her album ‘Déjà Vu’, containing a song called ‘Tom’s Diner’. On June 18 she uploaded the single on YouTube. It was a success in the US.

  • While shooting the clip for ‘Oops…! I did it again’, a light fell on her head causing her a small concussion.
  • She declares herself as deeply religious. She is even bothered by the idea of not being able to attend her church’s service when she is on tour.
  • Her color is sky blue and her NBA teams the Yankees and the Chicago Bulls.
  • Her favorite movies are ‘Titanic’, ‘My best friend’s wedding’ and ‘Steel Magnolias’.
  • Her favorite actors are Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.
  • Cartoon: Goofy.
  • The original version of ‘My Prerogative’ (which is a cover), does not include the intro spoken by Britney, which was written by the singer herself.
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music Baby One More Time 1999
music Oops!... I Did It Again 2000
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music In the Zone 2003
music Blackout 2007
music Circus 2008
music Femme Fatale 2011
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