Birth: Italy

Byblos is a ready-to-wear Italian brand covering both past, and future with a young style and a contemporary spirit.

Byblos is a brand ready-to-wear Italian covering both past, and future with a young style and a contemporary spirit. Born in 1973 by Gianni Versace, who happens Guy Paulin and later, the British designers Keith Varty and Alan Cleaver.

In 2002 the brand is absorbed by Swinger International which literally flooded with its extensive experience with Italian workmanship, the search for fabrics, and rich details.

In 2006 Manuel Facchini landed in the creative direction of the line: designer talent is constantly inspired by the art, design and architecture, in a creative process constantly towards innovation.

Byblos men and women are modern, dynamic, charismatic and independent up with fashion, but never slaves of trends. The collections for men and women are characterized by their silhouettes clean cut, meticulous, yet casual style, originality, finishes, quality fabrics, the use of colors studied, the mix of fabrics, innovation, sophistication prints, and attention to details and accessories.

Manuel Facchini studio in Central Saint Martins School in London. Lover of beauty and meticulous perfectionist, combines unbridled creativity with the industrial requirements of the creative process. It is inspired by the style called ‘avant-garde’ and manifestations found in modern architecture, sculpture, music and design. The identity of their collections is defined as a vision of reality that tries to combine seemingly irreconcilable concepts, trying to reach a stylistic symbiosis in favor of the project and creative process.

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