Carlos Vigil

Carlos Vigil
Birth: Chiclayo, Perú

Carlos Vigil is a Peruvian designer and fashion designer who has developed his career as an autodidact.

Carlos Vigil was born in the city of Chiclayo, northern Peru, in 1960. From an early age showed great admiration for dresses international celebrities of the time.

In the beginning, he did not count on the support of his family because, at that time, pursue art was frowned. While still very young he moved to Lima and got in touch with some designers to try to give him any internship (practical) in his workshop. No luck, so I went to work in the clinical laboratory Rebagliati Hospital. At the same time, he began performing parallel work that was to buy poles of cotton eyelet neck and sleeve zero. Embroidering and embellishing the Vigil so that seemed poles mark. Months later, a friend who worked at Sears, put him in touch with the manager of Banco de Credito de Peru by opening, so to speak, the doors of success, and who introduced him to other women who wanted to have one of their embroidery poles their closets.

Years later, he is having achieved a good capital relived to Chiclayo for a while. Later he married and had three daughters. The marriage did not work, was dissolved, and returned to Lima with girls.

Over time, and aided by his efforts, he managed to open his own atelier, located in General Pezet 1750 San Isidro. The designer combines atelier and housing, because there lives with her three daughters Vanessa, Lisseth and Cinthia. At the entrance of the house there are two rooms, one that acts as a waiting room; and another that it is his office. In the latter he meets with his clients to decide what kind of dress will do, wedding, gala or cocktail, and what color or texture, giving them personal attention.

He has had appointments with fashion in the most exclusive catwalks of Bolivia, Miami, Dominican Republic, Paris, Dubai and Peru Moda.

-He made 300 pieces for the successful Peruvian telenovela ‘Luz Maria’, starring Angie Cepeda and Christian Meier from 1998 to 1999.
-He worked in a hospital in Lima to get ahead. Sold at the poles nurses that he cotton embroidered and embellished to 50 soles each unit.
-He is divorced father of three daughters, whom they raised and educated himself.
-He gets up at 5 in the morning and does not stop until 7 pm.
-He participated with his latest Spring-Summer 2015 collection at the ‘Franciscan Christmas Event for Children Huancavelica’ to collect toys for children in Huancavelica living in extreme poverty. The price of admission was 3 toys per person.
-On June 26, 2015 he was invited by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences to conduct a seminar Fashion and talk about his career.

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