César Évora

César Évora
Birth: November 4, 1959 en La Habana, Cuba

César Évora is a Cuban actor who has developed most of his career in Mexico.

Cesar Evora was born in Havana, Cuba, on November 4, 1959. Although he has worked in film, theater and television, he is best known for his roles in soap operas both in Cuba and in Mexico, where he lives. He obtained Mexican citizenship in 1999.

After working in his native country he decides to settle in Mexico. With his current partner, Vivian Dominguez, she had her third daughter.

In 1980 he made another casting to work in the film ‘Cecilia Valdes’, which was not carried out. However, the project helped him enter the State Film Institute, ICAIC, where he participated in ‘A man full of success’ and ‘White House’. Both works made it known outside Cuba.

Later, he went to Mexico looking for opportunities. He came to Televisa and got a six-year contract. This contract was renewed, but with exclusivity. In Mexico he has worked in soap operas like ‘Labyrinths of Passion’ ‘Canaveral de Pasiones’, ‘The Fountainhead’, ‘very strong Hold me’, ‘The Privilege of Love’ and ‘Entre el Amor y el Odio’.

In 2003 it becomes the main antagonist of the telenovela “Mariana de la noche ‘starring Alejandra Barros, Jorge Salinas and Angelica Rivera. In 2005 he starred in ‘The Stepmother’ with Victoria Ruffo. In 2006 he makes a double role playing the protagonist and antagonist of the telenovela ‘Wild Animal World’, co-starring Gaby Espino, Sara Maldonado, Sebastian Rulli and Edith González.

In 2007 he participates in the soap opera commemorating the 50 years of the soap opera in Mexico, ‘Love without makeup’. In the same year ago antagonist in ‘Al diablo con los guapos’. Two years later he released the film ‘Tropic of Cancer’, in which he co-starred with actress Michelle Rodriguez US. In 2010, he joined the cast of ‘Full of Love’ where he plays ‘Emiliano’.

Évora has also made several films such as ‘Cecilia’, ‘Beloved’, ‘Habanera’ ‘David’s Girl’, ‘White Coat’, or ‘Black Barrio’.

In 2011, makes a special participation in the soap opera ‘Triumph of Love’ starring Victoria Ruffo, Maite Perroni, William Levy and Daniela Romo, such as’ Dr. Heriberto Rios Bernal ‘, for which he is nominated for Best Actor and wins First TVyNovelas Award 2012. This year a special participation in’ Abismo de Pasion ‘playing the same character from the original’ Canaveral de Pasiones’. It is also called upon to be the main antagonist of ‘Valiant Love’ with the first actress Leticia Calderón.

In 2013, producer Nathalie Lartilleux summons in his new production for a special participation in ‘Untamed Heart’. In addition, it joins the cast of ‘The Tempest’, starring William Levy and Ximena Navarrete, to be one of the main antagonists along with Ivan Sanchez.

  • He studied Geophysics to engage in oil and minerals. One day was presented to a casting and everything changed after being selected from 500 applicants.
  • He met his current wife in Mexico, but in order to marry had to travel to Havana to divorce his former wife.
  • He has three children: Rafael, Carla (his first wife) and Mariana (his second wife). The latter lives in Miami, Florida.
  • He is the cousin of Cuban writer DANIA Chaviano.
Tipo Trabajo Año
acting Corazón Salvaje 1993-94
acting Agujetas de Color de Rosa 1994-95
acting Cañaveral de Pasiones 1996
acting Luz Clarita 1996-97
acting El Privilegio de Amar 1998-99
acting Laberintos de Pasión 1999-2000
acting Abrázame muy fuerte 2000-01
acting El Manantial 2001-02
acting Así son ellas 2002-03
acting Mariana de la noche 2003-04
acting La esposa virgen/La madrastra 2005
acting Mundo de fieras 2006-07
acting Amor sin maquillaje/Yo amo a Juan Querendón 2007
acting Al diablo con los guapos 2007-08
acting En nombre del amor 2008-09
acting Llena de amor 2010-11
acting Triunfo del Amor 2011
acting Abismo de Pasión/Amor Bravío 2012
acting Corazón Indomable/La Tempestad 2013
acting Hasta el fin del mundo 2014-15

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