Chambao is a band originally from Malaga, Spain. Their music, known as ‘flamenco chill’ sound mixing flamenco with electronic music.

Chambao Malaga is a word used to refer to a space made simply, with a roof of palm leaves or reeds and wooden poles rising as a refuge or shelter. In this construction, the espetero (man dedicated to grilled fish grilling them being stuck on a stake) is protected from inclement weather while cooking sardines or other fish appreciating the simple taste for life.

In 2001, María del Mar Rodríguez Carnero, La Mari (voice) and Daniel and Eduardo Casañ, Edi, (composition and guitar), friends and neighbors, cousins ​​begin to share musical moments in the Pedregalejo neighborhood in Malaga. Shortly after Henril Takkenberg know the farmer and lay out the songs ‘Flamenco Chill’, their first album. The mixture of flamenco and environmental electronic music, chill out, led to a new and original musical concept while Spanish and cosmopolitan.

In 2003 sale ‘Endorphins in the mind’ album produced by Bob Benozzo, who also participate in the album ‘Pokito a poko’ (2005), in which La Mari undertake his solo project leading the group Chambao. His next work, ‘Con otro aire’ (2007), was a record that maintaining a Mediterranean and southern root, sought other influences on fresh sounds and ethnic backgrounds, where their lyrics speak of things that influence, caring and fun.

Almost at the end of 2009, Chambao travels to the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia Argentina to make a special concert without an audience. Released their album ‘In the end of the world. The scenario leads to reflect on climate change and other crimes against nature with songs like ‘Details’, ‘Caprichos de colores’ or ‘Awake’.

Music ‘is a living being, and as such should develop, grow and adapt to the environment’. In this context Chambao surprised by combining tradition and technological innovation, while their lyrics create an atmosphere of musical purification. Besides music, it intended to convey the desire to look for a meaning to life.

In May 2012, celebrating a decade since the founding of the project, Chambao has a self-titled album and the single ‘Best pa ti’. The album maintains its original essence, southern and Mediterranean music, global reach treated with imagination, contemporary air and sensitivity. The album is produced and arranged by Carlos Raya (Music Award for Best Producer in 2010, Best Sound Technician in 2011 and guitarist Quique González, Fito and Fitipaldis, M-Clan and other known artists).

In September 2013, celebrating its 10th anniversary, Chambao, launches a drive that features versions of their best songs. Announced collaborations with artists like Nneka, one nigéro-German artist, Rosario Flores, and Jarabe de Palo.

The album, which features 2 CDs, have produced Carlos Raya and Bob Benozzo with the help of Ale Acosta. The new version of its popular topic ‘There you are’ is chosen as a single. It is a re-mix of the old version that incorporates, among others, electronic sounds.


  • They have been nominated twice for the Latin Grammy. In 2008 for Best Alternative Song for ‘Papeles Mojados’ and in 2012 for Best Contemporary Pop Album for ‘Chambao’.
  • They have won, among others, 2 Awards Waves 1 Premios Amigo, y 1 Music Award.
Tipo Trabajo Año
music Flamenco Chill 2002
music Endorfinas en la mente 2003
music Endorfinas en la mente (reedición de oro) 2004
music Chambao en privado 2004
music Pokito a poko 2005
music Chambao puro 2005
music Caminando 2001-2006 2006
music Con otro aire 2007
music En el fin del mundo 2009
music Chambao 2012
music Esencial Chambao 2013
music 10 Años around the world 2013

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