Birth: June 28, 1968 en Río de Piedras, Puerto Rico

Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known as Chayanne, is a Puerto Rican dancer, singer and actor who has sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

Chayanne was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, on June 28, 1968. It is one of the leading figures of Puerto Rican music scene and, with compatriot Ricky Martin, one of the exponents of Latin artists who succeed worldwide .

He started in the music world in 1978, when one day accompanied his sister Clara to a test to form a youth group. He introduced himself and ended up choosing him. With this group, Los Chicos, recorded four albums and won great acclaim on tour in the Caribbean and Central America. This helped him to discover his passion for music, dancing and scenarios. After the group split in 1983, he knows the Puerto Rican businessman Gustavo Sanchez, who became her manager for nearly 15 years and traveling to Mexico, to start recording.

After appearing in some soap operas and films of Puerto Rican television, in 1987 he began his solo career with the album ‘Chayanne’. This work became a Portuguese version addressed to the Brazilian public. In 1988 he got his second self-titled album ‘Chayanne’, one of whose themes, ‘This rhythm is danced like’ became the best Latin Video of the Year by MTV. That same year signed an advertising contract with Pepsi-Cola.

With ‘Waltz Time’ (1989), his third solo album and first exceeded one million copies sold, the American industry recognized its merits and awarded the Grammy Award for best Latin artist of the year. But it was his album ‘Provócame released in 1992, he finally became a mass phenomenon. Changes its image for a more daring and mature, a little longer curly hair, beard, sideburns, boots and leather jacket, he puts what you label ‘Latin sex symbol’. Is placed at the top the charts with songs like ‘Provócame’ ‘The center of my heart’, ‘Naked Island’, ‘My first love’, ‘Mimi’, ‘Socca Dance’, ‘The Art of Love ” Everyone needs a kiss’ and ‘Ecstasy’.

In September 1994 launches ‘Influences’, their seventh studio album. In this work he made clear his admiration for melodic artists like Julio Iglesias, Roberto Carlos, Jose Feliciano and Juan Gabriel. He did not forget his role as actor, working on several television series ( ‘Torment’, ‘Restart’ and ‘Generations’, among others) and in the film “Linda Sara” (1995), directed by Jacobo Morales and he starred with Dayanara Torres.

In September 1996 he recorded his eighth album with his production team: Chaf Enterprises Inc. The album ‘Back to birth’, put it back in the top of the Latin music with songs like ‘Just bring my pace’, ‘Back born ‘,’ Only your love ‘,’ Maybe it’s love ‘,’ dance, dance ‘,’ I just think of you ‘,’ Guajira ‘and’ Among my memories’.

In 1998 he premiered the film ‘Dance with me’ (Dance with me), in which he starred with actress and singer Vanessa Williams and American showed his skills as a dancer. This film success opened the doors of the European and Asian markets. The main theme of the film, “You Are My Home ‘reached number one in Japan.

The album ‘Tied to Your Love’ saw the consolidation worldwide phenomenon Chayanne. It was the best selling album of his career. With him is disclosed in many European countries, such as Italy, Portugal and Turkey, but especially consolidated in Spain, where he places several numbers 1, as’ Salome ‘(which also stands as a great success in Latin America) or’ Enamorado ‘. Ballads ‘drop everything’, ‘Tied to Your Love’ and ‘I think of you’ also reach the first positions in Latin America. This led to his second Grammy nomination.

In 2000 he was released his new album entitled ‘Just’, whose first single, ‘Boom Boom’, became one of the most danced songs of the year. After spending six months shooting a soap opera for television in Argentina, Chayanne again locked into the recording studio to launch ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation work that came to market in 2002 with three previously unreleased tracks and new remixes of ‘Dance, dance’ and ‘Salome’. The launch in 2003 of the album ‘Sincere’ was chosen by Puerto Rican singer to introduce new rhythms in style platform.

In March 2005 launches the second compilation album, ‘Desde Siempre’ and, that same year, he published ‘Captive’, his new album. In April 2007 goes on sale ‘My time’, the fifteenth album Chayanne’s career. The theme ‘If we had little time’, got number 1 in several countries. That same year he recorded his first live album titled ‘Live’ in a concert at River Plate Stadium in Argentina. ‘Skin to skin’, his new compilation, hits the market in 2008.

In February 2010 sale leaves his studio album ‘No impossible’, from which the song ‘I fell for you’ is the main theme of the telenovela ‘Wild Heart’. In 2012, sees the light of a new live album ‘Alone with Chayanne’, recorded during a concert at the National Auditorium in Mexico. In 2011 launches single ‘Amorcito heart’ (version of the song Pedro Infante), main theme of the same name Televisa telenovela.

‘In all I will be’ (2014) is his next album. On this album, he has co-written some of the issues, with the collaboration of composers like Franco de Vita, Estefano and Vladimir Dotel. The promotional single is ‘Human Mars’ which features a remix version with the Puerto Rican singer Yandel. In March 2015, Chayanne released the single ‘You breath’, main theme of the telenovela ‘The Unforgiven’ (2015).

  • His father, Quinto Figueroa, is sales agent. His mother, Irma Luz Arce, English teacher, died in April 2014 after a long battle against cancer.
  • is the third of 5 brothers: Kenny, Clara, Elliot, and Emanoel.
  • He began using the name Chayanne when he was only 9 years. This name comes from a 1955 television would, ‘Cheyenne’, he saw his mother.
  • His voice is described as a light lyric tenor.
  • He is married Marilisa Maronesse and are parents of a child (Lorenzo Valentino) and a girl (Isadora Sofia).
Tipo Trabajo Año
music Chayanne es mi nombre 1984
music Sangre Latina 1986
music Chayanne 1987
music Chayanne II 1988
music Tiempo de Vals 1990
music Provócame 1992
music Influencias (tributo) 1994
music Volver a nacer 1996
music Atado a tu amor 1998
music Simplemente 2001
music Grandes éxitos (recopilatorio) 2002
music Sincero 2003
music Cautivo 2005
music Desde Siempre (recopilatorio) 2005
music Mi tiempo 2007
music Vivo (álbum en vivo) 2008
music No hay imposibles 2010
music A solas con Chayanne (álbum en vivo) 2012
music En todo estaré 2014

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