Chico Castillo The Gipsy

Chico Castillo The Gipsy
Birth: Málaga, España

Jose Agustin Luis Castillo, better known as Chico Castillo, is a singer, songwriter, producer, and Spanish guitarist.

Chico Castillo was born in Malaga, Spain, in 1964. He is a Roma artist who was born in Malaga and raised in France. It comes from a family of great musical tradition. At 9 years and sang with his guitar and soon began studying music theory at a music school. He trained for two years at the National Academy of Music of the Paris Opera. At age 11 he participated in the recording of the song ‘Everything will happen to you’, which already fused flamenco with ‘gipsy’. It is considered one of the creators of style ‘gipsy fusion’. At 15 he made his debut on stage with Antonio de Plata (youngest son of guitarist Manitas de Plata). Through this collaboration, he met the Reyes family and discovered the rhythm ‘gipsy’. At age 16 he became the youngest member of the Gipsy Kings.

Alone, she gets her first big hit in 1994 with the song “Alabina, with which sold over 14 million copies and became one of the first artists to fuse flamenco and Arabic. It grows his musical career and acts to personalities as Princess Diana of Wales Bill Clinton (the White House) and participates in concerts against apartheid or for the release of Nelson Mandela.

Chico Castillo has traveled scenarios around the world and sing along with figures like Paul Anka, Paco de Lucia, Antonio Carmona, Sarit Haddad, Alejandro Fernandez, or James Brown, among others. Also noteworthy is his work as composer for the musical comedy ‘Don Juan’ directed by Felix Gray (double platinum), for Café Quijano or for the soundtrack of ‘La vérité si je mens’.

In his discography, much of it with his band The Gipsy Sound, include titles like ‘Batucada’ (1998) and ‘Vuelvo’ (2009). The latter is working with the most experienced fusion ‘gipsy’ and which, for the first time, it includes R & B, and Latin rhythms, Arabian or Indian.

In 2013, he makes a compilation of the most important issues in her career album ‘Greatest Hits’. Includes songs like ‘Alabina’ (and its remix version), his version of ‘A Sprig of Violets’ (Cecilia) or successes ‘djobi djoba’ and ‘One Love’ of the Gipsy Kings. The theme ‘Sarah’, is chosen as the first single.

  • Artists like Lola Flores Isabel Pantoja assiduously visited his home as a child.
  • He was appointed Ambassador of UNESCO in 1998 at a ceremony in Dublin (Ireland).
  • He gave up the rights to some songs to help disadvantaged children in Marbella (Spain).
Tipo Trabajo Año
music Vuelvo (CD) 2009
music Et Si Tu N'Existais Pas (CD) 2012
music Greatest Hits (CD) 2013

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