Christian Bale

Christian Bale
Birth: January 30, 1974 en Harverfordwest, Gales (Reino Unido)

Christian Charles Philip Bale, better known as Christian Bale is a Welsh actor who won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and SAG.

Christian Bale was born in Haverfordwest, Wales, on 30 January 1974. He started in theater as a child and following the most famous artistic vein of his mother, one of his works made with Rowan Atkinson, who years later would jump to fame thanks to Mr. Bean. He made his film debut at age 13 in the film ‘Empire of the Sun’ by Steven Spielberg. His performance as ‘James’ was praised by critics.

In 1989 he starred in the movie ‘Henry V’ and the following year, in ‘Treasure Island’. In 1992 it appears in the musical ‘Newsies’ (Disney) and a year later, in ‘Swing Kids’ film Thomass Carter. With 20 years acting in ‘Little Women’ (1994) and, a few years later, in ‘Portrait of a Lady’ (1996).

In 2000 wheel ‘Shaft: The Return’ and ‘American Psycho’, in which he was even described as ‘sex symbol’. However, in 2004, his role in the Spanish production ‘The Machinist’ showed his versatility by putting to test physically and mentally. Bale had to lose weight to the point of being sick. This earned him praise from critics and the public. Although, his big break came in 2005 with ‘Batman Begins’. To become Bruce Wayne / Batman regained lost weight and had to achieve great fitness and martial arts mastery.

In 2006 he participated, along with Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine in ‘The Prestige, directed by Christopher Nolan. The following year we see in ‘Rescue Dawn’, ‘I’m Not There’ and ‘3:10 to Yuma’. In 2008, he reprises his role as Batman in ‘The Dark Knight’. This film was rated one of the best superhero movies of the story and broke box office records in the United States to achieve more than 500 million dollars. The following year, he àrticipó in ‘Terminator Salvation’ and ‘Public Enemies’ (he played Melvin Purvis, the FBI agent who President J. Edgar Hoover commissioned catch the notorious robber John Dillinger, Johnny Depp in the film).

In 2010, he reached the pinnacle of success in getting the Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dicky Eklund in the movie ‘The Fighter’. His interpretation was fully acclaimed by the public, and by the critics.

In 2011 participates in the tape China-Hong Kong co-production ‘The Flowers of War’, set in the second Sino-Japanese War. The following year it becomes for the third and last time in Batman / Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises’, sealing the end of the trilogy Christopher Nolan. Both critics, and followers of the bat man have declared as one of the best Batman film history.

In 2013 he is nominated again for an Oscar, but this time as Best Actor for his role in ‘American Hustle’, playing the swindler Irving Rosenfeld (based on Melvin Weinberg). In November 2014, it was confirmed that the actor would play Steve Jobs rejected on the grounds that it was not right for the role.

  • His father was the South African activist David Bale (1941-2003) and his mother, Britain’s Jenny James, she worked as a dancer in the circus.
  • It has 3 older sisters.
  • At 8 years (1983) appeared in a Pac Man cereal.
  • Since 2000, he is married to Sandra ‘Sibi’ Blažić model. They have a daughter (Emmeline) and a son (Joseph).
  • Like his father, Bale actively supports environmental advocacy groups and animals as Green Peace and World Wildlife Fund. Also it belongs to the Board of Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.
  • His hobby are motorbikes, but had an accident in 2012 that left him virtually useless left arm a season. As sequels now wears a steel wrist, collarbone and 25 titanium screws.
Tipo Trabajo Año
acting Mio en la tierra del más allá / El imperio del sol 1987
acting Enrique V 1989
acting Newsies 1992
acting Swing Kids 1993
acting Prince of Jutland / Mujercitas 1994
acting Pocahontas 1995
acting Retrato de una dama / El agente secreto 1996
acting Metroland 1997
acting Velvet Goldmine / Todos los animales pequeños 1998
acting El sueño de una noche de verano 1999
acting American Psycho / Shaft 2000
acting La mandolina del capitán Corelli 2001
acting Laurel Canyon / El imperio del fuego / Equilibrium 2002
acting El maquinista / Howl no Ugoku Shiro 2004
acting Batman Begins / Harsh Times / El nuevo mundo 2005
acting Rescate al amanecer / El truco final 2006
acting 3:10 to Yuma / I'm Not There 2007
acting The Dark Knight 2008
acting Terminator Salvation / Enemigos Públicos 2009
acting The Fighter 2010
acting The Flowers of War 2011
acting The Dark Knight Rises 2012
acting Out of the Furnace / American Hustle 2013
acting Exodus 2014
acting Knight of Cups 2015

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