Christian Meier

Christian Meier
Birth: June 23, 1970 en Lima, Perú

Christian Dietrich Meier Zender, known as Christian Meier is an actor, model, businessman and Peruvian singer.

Christian Meier was born on June 23, 1970 in Lima, Peru. He is the son of Gladys Zender, first Miss Universe and Peruvian politician Antonio Meier, elected mayor of the district of San Isidro (Lima) in 2006. Since the joined several bands, singing and composing songs. At 17, he started professional group forming the Arena Harsh (with Pedro Suárez.Vértiz, Patricio Suarez-Vertiz and Arturo Pomar Jr.). After its dissolution, he began his solo career with the album ‘I do not remember who I’, written, composed and produced by himself. Then he took ‘First to get wet’ and ‘Once nights’, which had the collaboration of Mikel Erentxun in the subject’ Bride anybody.

He achieved international fame as an actor in telenovelas. It began in 1993 with ‘The avenging angel: Caligula’. In 1994, he participated in the soap opera ‘Sparrow’ transmitted by Panamericana Television. In 1995, he joined the cast of ‘Malice’ and, in 1996, of ‘Obsession’. In 1997, he starred opposite Salvador del Solar in ‘Scandal’ and in 1998, in ‘Luz Maria’ with Angie Cepeda. Later he participated in films like ‘Do not tell anyone’ (1998) and “La mujer de mi hermano ‘(2005). He also starred in the soap opera ‘Isabella, woman in love’ in 1999. He then participated in Mexican productions ‘Amores … want with premeditation’ and ‘What is love’.

In 2003, he returned to Peru to star in the telenovela “Luciana and Nicolas’. The following year, he traveled to Colombia to be in ‘Luna, the heiress’ (Caracol Television) will .Afianzó his career in Colombia in 2005, playing the star of ‘The Storm’ by RTI Television and Telemundo. In 2007, he participated in ‘Zorro, the Sword and the Rose’ with Mexican Marlene Favela. She also played in Santos Luzardo ‘Dona Barbara’ with Mexican Edith Gonzalez.

In 2008, People magazine in Spanish included it in the list of ‘The 50 Sexiest Men of 2008’. He also promoted his fragrance ‘Pulse’ for signing Ésika.

In September 2010, he starred in the mystery series ‘Someone looks at you’, Telemundo, next to the Colombian actress Danna Garcia.

Christian Meier again Caracol Television (Colombia) in 2010 to star in ‘First Lady’, in which she plays the President of Colombia Leonardo Santander. He participated in the series for Fox ‘Lynch’ in 2012. The following year starred year the Fox series America ‘Exposos’ alongside Angie Cepeda. It was issued in the early months of 2013. In this year, also he played Willy in ‘Cumbia Ninja’ (Fox Telecolombia).

He starred in the film ‘Magallanes’ (directed by Salvador del Solar), released in 2014.Grabó the novel ‘Start of passion’ With Carlos Ponce and Kate del Castillo, and continued in the third season of Lynch. He also starred in the Mexican telenovela ‘the unloved’.

  • He has a sister, Karina Zender.
  • He studied at the Catholic Champagnat School of the Marist Congregation. He later studied Graphic Design, graduating in 1992.
  • It was a couple for 12 years, Peruvian actress Marisol Aguirre. Both starred in the telenovela ‘Sparrow’. From that marriage they were born three sons, Stefano, Taira and Gia. They separated in 2007, divorcing in 2008. Later, he made public his relationship with actress Genesis Rodriguez.
Tipo Trabajo Año
acting El ángel vengador: Calígula 1993
acting Gorrión 1994
acting Malicia 1995
acting Obsesión / La noche 1996
acting Escándalo 1997
acting Luz María 1998
acting Isabella, mujer enamorada 1999
acting Lo que es el amor / Amores... querer con alevosía 2001
acting Luciana y Nicolás 2003
acting Luna, la heredera 2004
acting La tormenta 2005-2006
acting Zorro, La espada y la rosa 2007
acting Doña Bárbara 2008-2009
acting Alguien te mira 2010-2011
acting Primera dama 2011-2012
acting Lynch 2012-2013
acting Familia en venta / Cumbia Ninja 2013
acting Cosita linda / La malquerida 2014

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