David Beckham

David Beckham
Birth: May 2, 1975 en London, England

English soccer player with a professional career for over two decades.


English soccer player, David Robert Joseph Beckham was born in Leytonstone, London on May 2 1975. He developed his first 11 years of his sports career in “Manchester United” and then went on to form part of Real Madrid and later Paris Saint-Germain of France’s 1st League. He stood out for his talents as a goalie in England and his free kicks which had a mischievous effect. He is considered by many as the best free kicker in the world, owed to his great precision when kicking and potency.

Considered to be the most precious jewel in the pond, Beckham had to wait until April 2 1995 to make his debut against the Leeds in the Premier League. He entered into a winning team and his presence served to grow the history of United.

As the heir to Eric Cantona whom he took the number 7 from, Beckham didn’t waste time eclipsing the other stars of the club and went on to become a beloved soccer star by fans. Even more in his first tournament of the 96’/97′ championship when he scored a goal from the center of the field against Wimbledon at Selhurst Park. That eliminated any doubts form skeptics of Beckham’s skill.

From that moment, Beckham’s popularity transcended soccer and his image began to be valued based on the millions of euros he was able to generate. Even the neighborhood of Waltham Forest which David lived in until he was 13 years old wanted to take advantage. The local authorities organized a tour that began at the Whipps Cross Hospital where David was born, passing through the Peter May Sports Center where he began playing soccer, the Greyhound track at Walthamstow where David worked picking up cups and Chase Lane School, which Beckham first attended.

“Manchester United” went through a journey through the desert in the 70s and 80s. There were 26 seasons of disappointment and sadness for their fans that ended in 1993 when the team, led by Bryan Robson and Eric Cantona won the league. The Frenchman that had arrived from Leeds and became an idol of Old Trafford and the mirror from which young people looked at themselves.

Among these promises they found David Beckham who had already debuted with the first team in a League Cup match but who eagerly awaited the opportunity to incorporate into the professional realm.

Sir Alex Ferguson knew to bring in young talent slowly and Eric Cantona went on to be his guide at Premier. Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt dreamed of being like the French striker but the one to carry the number on his jersey when Cantona announced his retirement was Beckham.

Beckham learned everything from Cantona about what it meant to be the leader of a group like United, he noticed how a star lived and how important his behavior was for the rest of the team. The protege ended up beating the teacher and media attention on Beckham has become infinitely greater than what Cantona had.

Manchester United became famous in the 50s for being able to gather a great generation of players that under the leadership of Sir Matt Busby revolutionized British soccer. At 90, Sir Alex Ferguson was incorporated into the first young staff from the pond, known as “Ferguson babes” and became regarded as the heirs of those “Busby Babes.”

Those players became over the years, not only the backbone of Manchester United, but also the England team. Among others were, Phil and Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, the Nicky Butt brothers and, above all, David Beckham.

Of them all, Beckham was the player of greater skill and more attractive to fans, which eventually made him the icon of the club and all British soccer. His ascendancy over the other players and fans of the team was incalculable.

Those who represented United years ago, Duncan Edwards, Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law, George Best, Bryan Robson and Eric Cantona, David Beckham now represented.

Manchester United, already an established dominant club in England in the 90s, maintained a historical urgency: a European Cup. And they got it. It was during the 1998/99 season. The rival Bayern Munich. The stage, Camp Nou, kept people curious about the possible presence of Real Madrid in the final but those hopes were quickly dismissed by their elimination in the quarterfinals at the hands of Dynamo Kiev Rebrov and Shevchenko.

Beckham, leader of a team that sheared two Italian teams on the road (Inter and Juventus), tried to match the feat of George Best, who became a European champion at United in 1968 against Benfica (4-1). Things looked bad in the end. German rockiness, drizzled with Basler’s fast goal (6 ‘), made Bayern the perennial favorite for the title as a representative of the German phrase, “Eleven play in soccer but Germany always wins,” said by Gary Lineker. Nope. In an incredible finish, never before seen, described as “The minute the century”, Sheringham (91 ‘+) and Solskjaer (93’ +) turned the tables and the generation of the ‘Fergie Babes’ already had their Holy Grail..

Beckham did not score in the final, but it was one of the undisputed champs of Manchester United who took the Premier League and the FA Cup.

David Beckham, successor to Paul Gascoigne as a media favorite, experienced the biggest upset of his career in the 1998 World Cup. In the quarter-final against Argentina, England’s fiercest rival, Beckham pounced on his country with a wave of destruction. He threw a kick, missing the ball, to ‘Cholo’ Simeone, made provocative remarks to Argentina, and abandoned his team when they needed it most. Then Argentina went on to win at the penalty  (2-2 and 3-4).

The English tabloid press lambasted Beckham. His parent’s house was bombarded with paintings blaming the soccer star. So, he decided to flee to New York on vacation with Victoria Adams, the Spice Girl and woman of his life. There they conceived Brooklyn, their first child.

Several games had to pass until Beckham regained his credit with English fans, but not without hard challenges like playing  England international at Anfield, Liverpool field, who did not forgive his ‘diabolical’ militancy. But that was what helped him rehabilitate his image. That, and the goal-kick against Greece for England in the World Cup in Korea and Japan. Along with this, his 1-5 contest at Germany (September 1, 2001), gave haughtiness and confidence in the national team. Sven Goran Eriksson gave the captaincy and helped the 2002 World Cup victory against Argentina who redeemed him of “sin” four years earlier.

The relationship between David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson was a love/hate one in recent seasons. Since the coach gave him the alternative in the Premier in the distant 1995, Becks was always the star, that special player that most coaches have dreamed of having. However, everything changed in the upcoming months.

Beckham was no longer undisputed and Ferguson seemed to be bothered by David’s social life. The disagreements became public and notorious when, after a match against Arsenal, the coach went down to the locker room and threw a boot that ended impacting Beckham’s face. He received several stitches in his left eyebrow.

From that moment neither bothered to conceal their differences and Ferguson even publicly stated that he did not want to see him again, asking the club to release him.

Beckham’s patience ran out when Ferguson left him on the bench in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Real Madrid. United went on to win thanks to two goals from Becks, who had replaced Veron. After that game Beckham was already clear. He wanted to leave Manchester United.

Florentino Perez, with very clear ideas when he became president in his second electoral putsch (2000), brought to Madrid the best players in the world. If Barcelona had boasted of having Cruyff, Neeskens, Simonsen, Maradona, Schuster, Laudrup, Romario, Stoichkov, Ronaldo and other stars, who had not historically drawn their game in terms of titles except in the heyday of the ‘Dream Team’ of Cruyff, the president of Madrid was clear that the road to come was going to change. Not only title holders like Lorenzo Sanz (the Seventh and Eighth). Well known soccer players to boost marketing, to seize the wake of Manchester United as the club’s collected from the sale of products associated with a brand.

And so it began with Luis Figo, one of the most spectacular kickers in the history of Real Madrid soccer since the 2000/2001 campaign, after the eternal rival, Barcelona. He followed with Zinedine Zidane (2001/2002), signed from Juventus, the classiest player at the time. Next was Ronaldo, the successor to Pele, who left Jose Luis Nunez’s Barcelona to sign for Inter Milan. It seemed impossible, but in the end, in a tense saga that already began in the World Cup in Korea and Japan, the Brazilian finished in Real Madrid. Now, with Beckham, Florentino Perez closed a magic square, where there was no excuse.



  • He has tattoos of his wife and son Brooklyn’s name. His son was named after the New York district where he was conceived.
  • Lived in England in a mansion named, “Buckingham Palace” after “Buckingham Palace.” There he constructed his own gold course, his favorite sport.
  • He had to give up a million dollar contract with a hair care business when he changed his famous hairstyle for a mohawk.
  • They say he’s a neat freak and dresses in clothes the same color as his furniture.
  • In the Japanese city of Tsuna where the English selection was hosted during the 2002 Worlds, they thought of erecting a statue of Beckham to promote soccer.
  • He is the idol of the protagonist in the film, “Bend it Like Beckham” that narrates the story of a Hindu girl and her struggles to achieve her soccer dreams.
  • According to an online poll, David Beckham is the favorite famous person amongst young Brits.
  • His dad, Ted, a frustrated soccer player who worked outfitting kitchen appliances, was the one who taught Beckham to play soccer.
  • His mother, Sandra West, is a hairstylist.
  • Beckham is the middle child of three siblings: Lynne his oldest sister and Joanne his youngest.
  • At 11 years old, the ex soccer star shined in his music classes in school. He got bad grades in math.
  • When he was a child he went through a period where he would earn money picking up glass at night after Greyhound races, earning 10 pounds per night.
  • When he was younger his friends would laugh at him because his team, Manchester United, was very bad, something that would later change.
  • Another grand passion of his: athleticism. He participated in 1,500 meter races and cross country. At only 15 years old he became the cross country champion and won three consecutive titles.
  • He first got drunk at 15 years old on Christmas.
  • In 1978 he won a soccer tournament. The prizes consisted of two weeks in Barcelona, training with the Barcelona team.
  • At 16 years old one of his greatest dreams was to buy a Ford Escort.
  • He fell in love with Victoria when he first saw her in 1997 on TV, covered in a black vinyl jumpsuit.
  • Mel C, the sporty one of the Spice Girls, introduced them at a party that his team, Manchester, threw in London.
  • Beckham and Victoria’s first date was at the theaters to see “Jerry McGuire.”
  • The first gift he gave Victoria was a Prada bag and some roses. She gifted him a Harrods bunny.
  • After six months of dating, Beckham proposed. It was January 24, 1998 during a trip through England.
  • Victoria’s wedding cost 64,000 euros.
  • His ideal night: eating Chinese food with his wife watching a film at home.
  • He likes candles so much that he brings them everywhere.
  • In the mornings he wakes up quickly and gives his kids breakfast.
  • The night before a match, he goes to sleep at 11, wakes u pat 10 and eats cereal for breakfast with something else. On the contrary, after a match he goers to sleep and doesn’t leave the bed until four in the morning.
  • He loves to cook: As a child he prepared breakfast for his mother.
  • His favorite plate: white beans with tomato over toasted bread and a cheese omelet
  • He loves Italian, Indian, and Chinese food and he also likes fish and chips.
  • He loves champagne, wine and mineral water. He doesn’t drink beer.
  • He loves to go to the grocery store and shop.
  • He has three refrigerators in his house: one for his drinks, another for his salads and another for the rest of his food.
  • He confesses to having more clothes than Victoria and hangs his clothes by color.
  • He likes designer clothes.
  • Those who know him best describe the ex soccer star as having a noble and sincere character with clear ideas. Overall he defends his family and friends.
  • He loves cars and loves to drive. He always wanted a Porsche which he bought with his first Adidas check.
  • Television shows: Sports shows and the series, Friends.
  • Movies: As Good as it Gets and American History X.
  • Music: Pop and house
  • Sports: Cricket, rugby and boxing.
  • When he is moved by a fan’s letter he gets in contact with them.
  • He was named Oficial to the British Empire by Isabel II.Lleva tatuados los nombres de su mujer y de su hijo Brooklyn.
Tipo Trabajo Año
self Debut ante el "Leeds" en la "Premier League" 1995
self Mundial 2002 2002

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