Diego Martín

Diego Martín
Birth: September 21, 1974 en Madrid, Spain

Diego Martin Gabriel, known as Diego Martin, is a Spanish actor.

Diego Martin was born on September 21, 1974 in Madrid, Spain. In 1993 he attended interpretation and verse with M. A. Conejero. A year later he became a pupil of Armando Vidal. After this basic training, he enrolled in the school of Juan Carlos Corazza. To complement the classes, Martin took courses with Carolina Colom (1996) and Lidia Garcia (1997). When he finished, he enrolled in a course of movement and expression with Antonio del Olmo, and one of stage direction, offered by the RESAD (Royal School of Dramatic Arts) in 1998. During those years, he had his first professional experiences with a small role in the movie ‘Final Result’ (the latter directed by Juan Antonio Bardem), and in some plays as’ the miser ‘,’ Two Duardos’, ‘This is love’, ‘Who tried it, you know ‘and’ Yepeto ‘.

In 1999 he had his first regular role on television in ‘Journalists’. Then Luis San Narciso signed him for ‘Police, in the heart of the street’, in which he played Jaime, a severe police and rigid in his romantic relationships, but also impulsive when avenging a friend who became paraplegic in a shootout. That year, he combined shooting on television with two plays: ‘Road Wolokamsk’ (Juan Antonio Quintana) and ‘Time and the Conways’ (Juan Carlos Corazza).

In 2002 he turned the tables with ‘openheart: triangle’ (Andrés Lima), with cast mates Pilar Castro, Diego Paris and Secun de la Rosa. Thus he entered the orbit of the theater group Animalario. The work was intended to be a reflection on how individuals use each other to achieve their goals in an increasingly cohesive society.

Following contacts with Animalario, he achieved his first major appearance on the big screen with ‘Football Days’. In this film he played a lonely man who could not kiss a woman without getting cross-eyed.

He participated episodically in ‘7 lives’. He played a gay man studying the possibility of closing a contract between a brand of beer and a bar whose owner had been cast. He also appeared in ‘Paradise’. Shortly after he played a homosexual in the series ‘fashionable’ of the regional television. His character advised his best friend about their romantic relationships.

He combined the filming of this series with that of ‘Here no one alive’. Casting director, Elena Arnao, selected him for the role of Carlos, an episodic character disaffected. In the third season he was promoted to principal. Carlos was a thirty-year-old eccentric snob, still in love with his ex.

To avoid being typecast, but without abandoning the television activity, he returned to the stage with ‘Ronda for two women’ and ‘Women, an analysis of gender equality’. After the tour, in 2005 he joined the cast of ‘The Borgias’ (Antonio Hernandez). He gave life to Perotti, the guardian of Lucrecia Borgia, who leaves her pregnant. Then came ‘Cinema Days’ (David Serrano). At the end of the shoot, he left ‘Aquí no hay quien viva’ for his first starring movie role in ‘Mataharis’ (Iciar Bollaín).

Later he traveled to ‘Mexico’ to star in the film ‘The last right’ (Manu Carballo). He played a journalist who becomes embroiled in a series of murders whose victims are people who were born on the same day.

In September 2007, ‘Brothers and detectives’ premiered, the new series of Telecinco, a police comedy starring Rodrigo Noya. After this television project, came the TV miniseries, ‘The Duchess’, about the life of Cayetana de Alba. Followed by joining the fourth season of ‘Doctor Matthew’. Nico is a cousin Matthew, who is a cook and returns to San Martin to attend the wedding of his cousin.

In 2012, he sarred in the film “[REC] 3 Genesis’ with Leticia Dolera and participated in ‘I Want You’. A year later he participated in the TV series ‘Family’ and starred in the miniseries ‘Stolen Children’. In 2014 he can be seen in the series “The Mysteries of Laura ‘(Spanish Television).

He then co-starred in the play ‘Venus in Furs’ with Clara Lago, and from 2014, he participates in the ‘Velvet’ series, in which he plays Enrique Otegui, the ambitious brother of the protagonist.

Tipo Trabajo Año
acting Resultado final 1998
acting Periodistas 1999
acting Compañeros 1999
acting Policías, en el corazón de la calle 2000-2003
acting 7 vidas (serie TV) / Una nueva vida (serie TV) / Paraíso 2003
acting Días de fútbol 2003
acting Aquí no hay quien viva 2003-2006
acting Golpe maestro / El asombroso mundo de Borjamari y Pocholo (película-uncredited) 2004
acting De moda 2004-2005
acting Los Borgia 2006
acting Días de cine / Mataharis (p) / El último justo (p) / Un buen día lo tiene cualquiera (p) 2007
acting Hermanos y detectives 2007-2009
acting Pájaros de papel / Tres metros sobre el cielo (p) / Una hora más en Canarias (p) 2010
acting La duquesa 2010
acting Doctor Mateo 2010-2011
acting Amigos... 2011
acting La Duquesa II 2011
acting REC3: Génesis / Tengo ganas de ti 2012
acting Frágiles / Niños robados / Familia: Manual de supervivencia 2013
acting Los misterios de Laura 2014
music Velvet 2014-presente

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