Diego Torres

Birth: March 9, 1971 en Buenos Aires, Argentina

Diego Antonio Caccia Torres, better known as Diego Torres, is a singer, actor and Argentine musician.

Diego Torres was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 9, 1971. He is the son of singer and actress Lolita Torres Argentina and Julius Caesar ‘Lole’ Caccia. Through the work of his mother, he grew up surrounded by musicians and artists who were influencing his career.

He debuted as an actor in 1988 with a small role in the movie ‘Professor punk’. In 1989 he formed a band, The Brand, which lasted until 1991. His television debut was in the series “The others and us ‘in 1989. It was followed by’ comedies Dario Vittori ‘in 1990 and’ The Laurel and Hardy ‘in 1991. That same year he starred in the teen comedy for television’ La Banda del Golden Rocket ‘. The series lasted two years and included a stint in the theater.

In 1992, combining music and performance, he released his first self-titled album ‘Diego Torres’. He combined Latin pop, romantic ballads and rock. He made a Latin American tour, which catapulted him outside the borders of the country. In November 1994, he released his second album: ‘Try to be better’ (produced by Cachorro López). That same year he starred in the movie ‘A shadow you will soon be’ with actress Gloria Carra (ex-partner of La Banda del Golden Rocket) and other actors.

In 1995 he participated in Spain in the tribute album to Joan Manuel Serrat. In ‘Serrat, you are unique’ he performs the song ‘Penelope’. This version was so successful on radio and television, it became one of the most important songs of his career.

The album ‘New Moon’ was published in parallel with his first starring film role with actress Laura Novoa. The film ‘Fury’ (Jose Bautista Stagnaro) was the most watched of the year in Argentina. In August 1997, this material was presented live at the Opera Theatre through eight performances. The album ‘Just what is’ released in 1999, with singles like’ What is it? ‘And’ The last noche’ reached to number 20 in Spain. He also released his second film, ‘Revenge’, co-starring Laura Novoa.

In one of the times of greatest crisis in Argentina, he released songs of hope with singles like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Color Esperanza’ (co-written by Argentine singer-songwriter Coti). The latter became his biggest musical success and a hymn to optimism. The album sold over five million copies, won 13 consecutive Luna Park and its producer, Kike Santander, received the Grammy for Producer of the Year. In May 2003 Diego Torres sang ‘Color Hope’ in Madrid (Spain) at the World Youth Day with Pope John Paul II. That same year he participated in the film ‘El juego de Arcibel’ with Argentine actor Dario Grandinetti.

‘Diego Torres MTV Unplugged’ acoustic concert produced and co-edited by MTV, promoted it outside its borders. Among the guests were singers Julieta Venegas, Vicentico and the Chilinga. He filled 17 times the Estadio Luna Park and went platinum in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and quadruple platinum in Argentina. He was also recognized with two Grammy nominations for the Latin Grammy and as Best Latin Pop Album.

In August 2006 ‘Walking’, his seventh album, is released. Diego Torres made a duet with Dominican singer Juan Luis Guerra in the song ‘Opening Pathways’. The song ‘How long?’ Is dedicated to his mother (after his death). Also noteworthy  is the song ‘By the ladder’, which was written by Joaquin Sabina. In 2008 he began production of the album ‘All successes’ by the Peruvian singer Gian Marco (songwriter for Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan and Alejandro Fernandez, among others). In addition, both composed the main theme of the Italian-Peruvian 3D film ‘Dolphin’. ‘Sea Adventure’ is interpreted by Diego Torres and recorded in Portuguese and English.

In 2010 he released the album ‘Different’. The single ‘Guapa’ went to number one on Latin radios in the US and Puerto Rico. It also reached # 1 on iTunes Mexico. His tour began in Israel and Italy, and went through Colombia and the United States. That year, the artist Ivete Sangalo invited him with Juanes and other familiar faces to sing at Madison Square Garden in New York. This album went platinum in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru. In November, he won a Latin Grammy for Best Engineered Album.

The following year Diego Torres was chosen to sing the song of the 2011 Copa America with Brazil’s Ivete Sangalo and Colombian hip hop group ChocQuibTown. ‘I believe in America’ became one of the most played songs of the year.

In 2012 he returned to the cinema with the film “Strangers in the Night ‘ (Alejandro Montiel). In this film the single ‘New Day’, reach to number 1 in Argentina. A year later he returned to television with the comedy ‘Underground, neighbors at war’ with Eleonora Wexler in the prime-time Telefe. In 2015 he starred in the film ‘papers in the wind’ with Diego Peretti, Pablo Echarri and Pablo Rago.

At that time he was summoned by Carlos Santana to participate in his disco-DVD ‘Heart’, in which he played ‘Unrequited Love’.

-He is the youngest of 5 brothers.
-He is the uncle of actress and singer Angela Torres Argentina.
-His mother (Lolita Torres) died in 2002 of cardiac arrest. In 2007 his father died.
-He was partner for many years of the Colombian actress Angie Cepeda.
-His daughter Nina Caccia was born in 2006 from his relationship with model and presenter Deborah Bello.

Tipo Trabajo Año
music Compañía Indias 1991
music Diego Torres 1992
music Tratar de estar mejor 1994
music Luna nueva 1996
music Recuerda: La furia 1997
music Tal cual es 1999
music Un mundo diferente 2001
music Diego Torres: MTV Unplugged 2004
music Andando 2006
music Todos éxitos 2008
music La Aventura, El Mar: El Delfín: La Historia De Un Soñador (banda sonora) 2009
music Distinto 2010
music Distinto: edición especial 2011
music Buena Vida 2015

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