Dolcevita Cashmere by Veronica Zorzi

Dolce Vita Cashmere is a fashion house whose strong point is the design of items using cashmere.

Dolce Vita Cashmere is a merger of a consolidated manufacturing cashmere knitwear business dynamism and experience. The goal is to create a young and dynamic market in the United States of America first, and then the rest of the world.

Veronica Zorzi is responsible for their creations. The designer was born in Ethiopia, Africa. The spirit, people, nature and mainly the colors of this land were part of their daily lives. Even after moving to Italy, her passion for the colors continued to flourish and evolve. After earning her MBA, she started working as a manager of a company and had the opportunity to discover and appreciate the beauty of one of the most beautiful natural fibers: cashmere. About seven years ago, the designer began with the ‘Dolcevita Cashmere’ project, which was the result of the union between her African origin and typical sophistication and elegance found in the Italian tradition.

The choice of the best raw materials and the attention to detail in the production cycle, represent a guarantee of quality for the customer. Each product comes with a certificate of authenticity and origin and subjected to quality tests at the end of each stage of production. Its collections are made with high quality fibers, with special attention to finish and details, with impressive ethnic and colored accents.
Dolcevita Cashmere has a line for women, a line for men, collections of accessories and other household products.

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