Duchesa Bridal Couture by Robin Fleming

Duchesa Bridal Couture by Robin Fleming

Robin Fleming is a fashion designer whose designs popular wedding dresses.

The creations of designer Robin Fleming express femininity, glamor and elegance, and are inspired by the romance of real life. She designs dresses for brides, starlets, celebrities, broadcasters, Miss Teen USA., Miss USA, Miss Universe and Miss America.

The Duchesa dresses are handmade with meticulous attention to detail, made with the finest fabrics and finishes, exquisite in all forms. Robin Fleming infuses her love for fashion, a taste for elegance, sophistication and simple expression of femininity in each of her creations.

The designer is also a member of the International Council of Fashion Designers and currently Chairman of the Board for Miami Fashion Week. Initially she wanted to become a professional dancer, but now uses her love of dance to inspire new creations for the catwalk. The best example of this would be the launch of Duchesa in the last Miami Fashion Week with members of the Miami City Ballet Corp as models. Also known for her work as a stylist / designer in the Miss USA and Miss Universe, Fleming is the designer behind the company Madame Alexander Doll for the 90th anniversary  of Miss America Doll.

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