Dulce María

Dulce María
Birth: December 6, 1985 en Mexico City

Dulce Maria Espinoza Saviñón, better known as Dulce Maria, is a Mexican singer and actress.

Dulce Maria was born in Mexico City on 6 December 1985. At 5 years he made his first television ad, marking the beginning of a child’s career over a hundred advertising campaigns. After a year, he made a casting for the soap opera ‘The Flight of the Eagle’, although it was later chosen to participate in ‘Sesame Street’, a project that gave him his first opportunity as a singer and that was for two years.

He continued making soap operas and advertisements and prepared with singing lessons, ballet, jazz, acting workshops, Hawaiian and stage projection. Later, he entered the Kids group in which he climbed for the first time on stage and with which he won his first awards.

His work and the results carried Kids Jeans, with whose members traveled to Europe to record the album ‘Four Rooms’. He was 15. However, he decides to leave the group to take the proposal a leading role in the soap opera ‘Class 406’. With the musical group that emerged from the novel, received several awards for its high sales.

Seeing his work in ‘Class 406’, Pedro Damian invites testing and for ‘Rebel’ (the Mexican version of Argentina ‘Rebelde Way’) and decides to interpret Roberta. Product ‘Rebelde’, Dulce Maria is part of the group RBD, which reached worldwide fame, filling stadiums like Maracana in Rio de Janeiro and getting to act in countries that were not speaking.

After this, she decides to start a solo career, which engages with the concept, composition, selection of musicians, costumes, etc.

His first solo album was ‘foreign’, from which the first single ‘Inevitable’, comprising herself, which eventually become the music of an advertising campaign follows soap. With this first album toured Central and South America, closing with a massive concert in Mexico in Six Flags amusement park. In Brazil he won a platinum disc, the first Mexican to do it solo.

In 2013, in the Dominican Republic, he had a special role in the film ‘I Want to Be Faithful’ (Joe Menendez). In February 2014 released their second single ‘Before seeing the sun’, song composed and produced by Coti, achieving placed in the top of the charts.

August this year, is released the third single from this album ‘Or you do it, or I do. ” In addition, he gains the ‘Instagram Latin Artist’ award at the MTV Millennial Awards in Mexico. Also, he enlivens Sherrie in the musical ‘Rock of Ages’. Sherrie is a girl who comes to LA to get her dream of becoming an actress. In December he is pulling out book ‘Bitter Sweet: memories of a teenager’ at the International Fair of Guadalajara, Mexico’s most important.

In March 2015 Kids Choice Awards in the US, won the award for Best Latin Artist.

  • Her sisters, who had done fashion campaigns, were the ones who tolde thier mother told to send pictures of Dulce Maria to a producer.
Tipo Trabajo Año
acting El vuelo del águila 1994
acting Alondra 1995
music Retrato de familia 1995
acting Huracán 1998
music Kaleidoscopio Interactivo de Sueños 1999
acting Nunca te olvidaré 1999
acting DKDA Sueños de juventud 1999
acting Locura de amor 2000
acting Primer amor a mil x hora 2000
music Cuarto Para Las Cuatro 2001
acting El juego de la vida 2002
acting Clase 406 2002
music Clase 406 2002
acting Rebelde 2004-2006
music RBD 2004-2013
acting Lola, érase una vez 2007
acting Verano de amor 2009
acting Miss XV 2012
acting Mentir para vivir 2013

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