Frank Sinatra

Birth: December 12, 1915 en Hoboken, New Jersey
Deceased: May 14, 1998 en Los Angeles

Francis Albert Sinatra, known as Frank Sinatra, was a singer and actor nicknamed ‘The Voice’.

Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States, December 12, 1915 and died in Los Angeles, California, United States, May 14, 1998 before reaching 83 years. He sang for the first time in public at the tavern run by his father accompanied by a pianola with just ten years. He left school in 1931 and began selling newspapers in the Observer Jersey with his godfather.

Their participation in the Major Bowes Amateur Hour radio contest, having sung in several bars, helped him to start his career. He performed with the Three trio Flashes, that the occasion the name changed to Hoboken Four. They won the first prize, which took them on a tour sponsored by the program. However, by disagreements with peers, three months Sinatra left the tour. Despite his enormous admiration for Bing Crosby, he began to make an effort to sound different with the idea stand out from other singers. I had to face the lack of power in his voice, and he did not know projecting. However, his radio experience taught him that he could make himself heard how and where would through a microphone. He began to give concerts and, in 1939, came as a vocalist in the orchestra of Harry Arden, allowing him to go on the air every night.

Tommy Dorsey was looking for a vocalist to replace Jack Leonard and hired the singer. He got his first No. 1 on Billboard with his performance in the company of Dorsey ‘I’ll never smile again’, whose impact can be considered the starting point of Sinatra’s career as a social phenomenon. Fans and contracts multiplied: radio, cinematographic contract of RKO and cover of Life magazine. In late 1943, under contract with Columbia Records, he gained a million dollars a year. A year later begins its success as a radio phenomenon with the program ‘The show of Frank Sinatra’. His forays into film won him a special Oscar in 1945 thanks to the short film about tolerance, ‘The House I Live In’. He fought and sacrificed economically to get a role in the film “From Here to Eternity ‘by Fred Zinnemann. He got the coveted role and received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in 1954. In addition, the film was a blockbuster.

They started pouring in film and television deals and interventions as guest star. Artistically, he was a great critical success with her performance in ‘Suddenly’ and began to combine dramatic roles in musicals such as “Guys and Dolls” with Marlon Brando and ‘High Society’ with Bing Crosby. Between 1955 and 1957, he came to star in eleven films. In 1956 he founded the producer Kent Productions.

He signed an agreement which would end its contract with the Capitol and start recording with his own company, Reprise. In 1960, already announced the formation of his new album, with which it would record intensively the following years, won about twenty million dollars thanks to its producers of film and television, Essex, Kent and Dorchester, four record companies, interests in the game in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, their actions in radio and its real estate investments.

On January 19, 1961 was one of the biggest nights of his life with great success by producing the opening ceremony of the presidency of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In the summer of 1965, he began a six-city tour with the Count Basie Orchestra. He obtained a spectacular success, achieving revenues of $ 600,000.

In June 1971 he held a farewell concert music in Los Angeles Music Center. However, in June 1973 he returned to the recording studio with producer-arranger Don Costa and arranger Gordon Jenkins to record ‘Ol’Blue eyes is back’, an album that was released with a special television namesake, the who participated actor and singer Gene Kelly, issued on November 18 of that year. In July of the following year began a tour of the Far East, Europe and Australia. In April 1976 he performed at the Westchester Premier Theater. After the performance, he participated in a photo shoot that would arise the famous photos that appear with several organized crime figures, including Jimmy Fratianno and Carlo Gambino.

In Las Vegas, celebrating his forty years as an artist and his 64th birthday, he was awarded the Grammy Trustees Award during a special party at Caesar’s Palace.

In the 1980s, Frank Sinatra was very active as far as concerts. Notably, the football stadium Maracana to 175,000 people. Also he broke a record that had lasted ninety years in Carnegie Hall, where he was acting for two weeks, putting the poster of ‘no ticket’ in only one day.

He attended the Republican Convention in Detroit in which he was nominated Reagan and, when he was elected president, was appointed director of the inaugural gala held in January 1981 in the Capitol Center of Maryland. That same year he premiered his latest film, ‘The First Deadly Sin’.

Three years later he recorded what would be his last album with new songs: ‘L.A. is My Lady ‘, whose title track is conceived as a loving compensation to Los Angeles, after the success of’ New York, New York ‘. This album was produced by longtime collaborator Quincy Jones, who lived a stage of maximum popularity for his work on ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson.

In December 1987, Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. gave a press conference in Beverly Hills to announce a tour around the country. Tickets were sold. In 1989 he embarked on a world tour with Davis and Liza Minnelli, while continuing with their individual performances.

After another number 1 in Billboard in 1995 launches’ Duets II’.Ese same year he received an award for his career Grammy. In February of that year he offered what would be his last concert at the Desert Springs Resort and Spa Hotel Marriott, at a private party of about twelve hundred people celebrated the last day of golf tournament Frank Sinatra Desert Classic. At the end of the year, Dean Martin died and the singer died falling into a depression.

In November 1996, a month after his last public appearance at the charity ball Carousel in Los Angeles, he entered the hospital, and twice more in January of the following year. In late April of that year, the US Congress voted to grant the Congressional Gold Medal.

On May 14, 1998, Frank Sinatra died in West Hollywood (California, USA), at 82, of a heart attack.



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