Nancy Alvarez

Nancy Alvarez
Birth: October 10, 1951 en Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She began her singing career at age 15; collaborated with renowned musicians such as M ichael Camilo. It was the soloist of the famous and popular group “Barroco 21”. He has produced and acted in many plays and musicals and why it has won numerous awards and honors in his country.

Nancy began to produce and conduct their own TV shows  “Adult “,” Nancy” etc.; shows with a strong educational content, human issues, family, the couple and sexuality. This made her an extremely popular and controversial figure, began to be called “Dr. Ruth ?? America. He also wrote numerous local newspapers. His daily column” Consulting with Nancy “where offered advice to those who wrote, who they wanted to ask but were afraid to be known, was very popular, being the most widely read across the country, up from newspaper editorials. Consultation with Nancy was copilada in a book and published.

After many years of experience in television in his country, Dr. Nancy Alvarez began to be special guest of several programs in the Hispanic US television, such as “El show de Pedro Sevcec” and ?? The show Father Alberto ??. In addiction to this, she participated three times a week on Radio One as the official radio show sexologist Peter Sevcec. Due to the success of its participation he was frequently invited by Don Francisco, host of “Sabado Gigante”. Also it involved in many other programs Univision, such as “Despierta America,” “The show Susana M arta”, “Cristina”.

The success of Dr. Nancy in America is the result of her TV show “who is right” which was aired for six years on Telefutura. This show is unique in Latin television that combines the structure of a talk show with a voting system, like cutting shows. The verdict is determined by the audience and “archenemies” panelists who also give their opinion and finally Dr. Alvarez closes each case on its findings. The main purpose of the show is to educate while entertaining, this is complemented with intense, hilarious and brilliant personality of Nancy, with their strong convictions and their only way to communicate a message.

Due to the success, the show was moved to Univision in 2008, becoming the first show happens Telefutura Univision in history. Despite having the hours of 3:00 pm on Telefutura and start at 10:00 am on Univision, the show continues to be the most watched until 6 PM in the afternoon on Univision, every day. It is immensely popular in the United States and throughout Latin America, such as: Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Venezuela, El Salvador, in addition to very high ratings in New York, Los Angeles, and many more.

She also produces and acts in “All About Love”  and “Only For Men … and Women”, a series of musical educational shows, where he combines his advice to couples about their relationships and sexuality, with songs, theater, poetry and humor. This was presented to a full house of fine arts from Puerto Rico, M iami, New York and Santo Domingo.

He is a regular columnist for several newspapers and magazines in the United States and Latin America. His books “MAKE ONE PARTNER FUNCI” and “I do?, Nancy”, will be published shortly.

In the fall of 2010, Dr. Nancy embarks on his most ambitious project to date, the details will be publicly announced in the coming months. Nancy is also preparing his new radio show that will by the United States and Latin America in 2011.

Expert on the human condition, Nancy enjoys international recognition and prestige, expressed in thousands of testimonials from people who have benefited from his advice. Consider this, his greatest recognition

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