Olga Bolaños

Olga Bolaños
Birth: Valencia, Venezuela

Venezuelan fashion designer.

Writing about Olga Bolaños is talking about creativity, style and quality. More than three decades wearing the thimble qualifies as one of the established names with silk stitches in the select circle of fashion designs in Venezuela.

OB is a firm that has been in existence for over 30 years giving value to a name that has managed to pass the torch from generation to generation. She was inspired by her grandmother and passed the legacy of love for fashion and haute couture to her daughters, who have followed the lead of inspiration and talent. The success of their collections and the significance of their designs come not only from her creative vision but also to the sensitivity of the taste of Latin women, climate and customs, and the knowledge of sophisticated taste and the particularities of the Latin American market in line with the international trends.

Olga Bolaños resides and creates in Valencia, Venezuela, where her fashion atelier located in the CC La Viña and its network of stores pret -a-porter has an esteemed clientele that follows the last 4 decades.

The collections and exclusive models Olga Bolaños and line OB international fashion designs are available through authorized distributors in Central America.


Runway Venezuela 2011

Alma Caribe Collection 2012

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