Ozzy Osbourne

Birth: December 3, 1948 en Birmingham, UK

John Michael Osbourne, known as Ozzy Osbourne, is a singer, composer and British heavy metal musician and a member of the original lineup of Black Sabbath.

Ozzy Osbourne was born in Birmingham, UK, on ​​December 3, 1948. He began playing in small local groups until he met Tommi Iommi, Bill Ward and Terence ‘Geezer’ Butler Polka Tulk and formed the group Blues Band in 1965. Changing your name to Earth, they managed to become known in the area. But there was another band with the same name, so they decided to change it to Black Sabbath, chosen by Butler after seeing a film of Boris Karloff 1963. With them had hits like ‘Paranoid’ or ‘Iron Man’, issues that came to the top of the charts in England and the United States. However, in 1979, it is fired from Black Sabbath because of his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

At this time the project known as Blizzard of Ozz was conceived. The training consisted of Lee Kerslake (formerly of Uriah Heep), Bob Daisley (ex-member of Rainbow) and guitarist Randy Rhoads (former member of Quiet Riot). The record company thought the name would sell Osbourne alone so they changed the name of the group by Ozzy Osbourne. The success was considerable as’ Blizzard of Ozz ‘, their debut album released in 1980, contained songs that became classics of metal and references in the race Osbourne:’ Crazy Train ‘,’ Goodbye to Romance ‘,’ Suicide Solution ‘and the controversial’ Mr. Corwley ‘based on the occultist Aleister Crowley. The second album, ‘Diary of a Madam’, published in 1981, was considered a classic of metal.

After the tragic death of Randy Rhoads in a plane crash in 1982, Ozzy Osbourne falls into depression. Later, during an audition for guitarists in a hotel room, discovers Brad Gillis (ex-Night Ranger) and immediately hired him. Years later a live album called ‘Tribute’, containing live footage of the group when it was still Randy Rhoads was published. In 1983, ‘Bark at the Moon’ is released. The next album, ‘The Ultimate Sin’, would not arrive until 1986. The theme ‘Shot in the Dark’ was an instant hit.

In 1987, Lee left the group. After a long search, Zakk Wylde, who immediately impressed with his style and speed appears. In 1988 launches ‘No Rest for the Wicked’. The songs ‘Miracle Man’, ‘Breaking All the Rules’ and ‘Crazy Babies’ were selected as singles. The subsequent tour brought around Geezer Butler on bass. Of this tour the EP, ‘Just Say Ozzy “was recorded. In 1989, Ozzy Osbourne concert participated in the Moscow Music Peace Festival in Russia, sharing the stage with bands of the time like Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Motley Crue and Cinderella.

The album ‘No More Tears’ welcomed the nineties. It reached platinum status in more than one occasion, achieving great commercial recognition. Ozzy Osbourne’s catalog was remastered completely in 1995, when he recorded the album ‘Ozzmosis’. A year later, Osbourne and his wife Sharon created the Ozzfest, a series of concerts to give the opportunity to new metal bands. Following this initiative became known bands like Slipknot and Linkin Park. In 1997, in West Palm Beach, and under the Ozzfest, Ozzy reunion with the original members of Black Sabbath begins. So, revive the formation Osbourne-Iommi-Butler-Ward. Then he released his first official compilation, a double album called ‘The Ozzman Cometh’ with unreleased versions of songs by Black Sabbath, and the biggest hits of his solo career.

In 2000, he participated in the film ‘Little Nicky’ Adam Sandler, making a brief appearance himself. In 2007, he launched ‘Black Rain’ in which she played a more modern sound. The following year he appeared in the ‘Guitar Hero World Tour’ video game as a playable character singing two songs: ‘Mr. Crowley ‘and’ Crazy Train ‘. In 2009 Ozzfest was suspended after announcing the launch of a new job this year. In July 2009, he said output Zakk Wylde explaining that his material was beginning to sound less Ozzy and Black Label Society. Guitarist Gus G. was chosen as a substitute. October 30 was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Roll New York singing Metallica.

In June 2010, the album ‘Scream’ was released. ‘Let Me Hear You Scream’, single from album, previously debuted in April in an episode of ‘CSI: NY’ and spent eight weeks at the top of the Billboard rock charts. In August he announced that the second single from the album would be ‘Life Will not Wait’ and that his son Jack would direct the video clip. In October 2014, Osbourne released ‘Memoirs of a Madam’, a commemorative collection of his solo career. The CD contained 17 singles ever put together. The DVD had video clips, live performances and interviews. Currently, he is working on a new album.

-He had a poor childhood, which came to be without food for a year and working as a shoeshine.

-During his teens, he became a big fan of The Beatles.

-He left school at fifteen and had several jobs that paid him very little.

-In his youth he was arrested and sentenced to three months in prison, where he made his first tattoo with a needle and a piece of graphite (OZZY across the knuckles and a happy face on his knees ).

-The name Black Sabbath is a 1963 film of Boris Karloff.

-In 1982, he married Sharon Rachel Levy, daughter of a former manager of Black Sabbath, after divorcing Thelma Mayfair that year.

-His first wife left him for his addiction to cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol.

-He has 6 children: Elliot, Louis, Jessica (from his first marriage) and Aimee, Kelly and Jack (from his marriage to Sharon Osbourne).

Tipo Trabajo Año
music Black Sabbath 1970
music Paranoid 1970
music Master of Reality 1971
music Vol. 4 1972
music Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 1973
music Sabotage 1975
music Technical Ecstasy 1976
music Never Say Die! 1978
music Blizzard of Ozz 1980
music Diary of a Madman 1981
music Bark at the Moon 1983
music The Ultimate Sin 1986
music No Rest for the Wicked 1988
music No More Tears 1991
music Ozzmosis 1995
music Down to Earth 2001
music Under Cover 2005
music Black Rain 2007
music Scream 2010
music 13 2013

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