Is Apple Losing Its Touch?

Is Apple Losing Its Touch?

Now before any of you die-hard Apple fanatics jumps us, just hear us out.  We like Apple products just as much as the next person; the products are unlike any on the market and it’s what makes them unique and so irresistible. However, lately we’ve noticed some hiccups along the way and we wanted to address them because there are more than what we usually expect from the oh-so perfect brand that is Apple.

Now on September 19th of this year Apple released the iOS 11 software update.  We have to admit that the update was fantastic, it even now included a built in feature to record your phone screen.  However the software also came with a glitch.  As mentioned in the New York Daily News, the glitch is causing the lowercase “i” show up as an unknown character or weird symbol.  iPhone iOS 11 users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations and one user commented on how the glitch is only seen by Apple users, and that Android users see the text as normal.  Apple has yet to fix the glitch, so in the meantime you will have to go to your settings and use the text replacement/shortcut option to fix it.

There is also the fact that the iPhone X is considered to be the “most breakable iPhone” according to an article from Ars Technica.  Ars Technica themselves, CNET, and SquareTrade all conducted various types of drop tests to conclude that the iPhone X couldn’t handle it; in the article it mentions that the iPhone X was already visibly damaged when dropped at 3ft (tested by CNET) and another test showed functional damage to the phone as well (tested by SquareTrade).  You would think with all the advancement in technology Apple could invest in more durable casing for their phones; the fact that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are mostly made of glass isn’t really helpful for the klutz in all of us.  Not to mention their warranty isn’t really in favor of the customer.

Lastly, though this isn’t a technical problem, it has caused some social buzz.  The iPhone X’s new camera is something to awe at.  The phone comes with 3 camera lenses: 1 selfie lens, and 2 lenses in the back that are 12MP.  The front-facing camera takes photos in HD, and it is considered to be one of the best in the market right now.  However, people are not reacting exactly like you would expect.  Many iPhone X owners took to Twitter to talk about how the selfie camera is a little too HD.  Many talk about how the HD quality emphasizes their imperfections and makes them look less flattering.  I guess be careful what you ask for iPhone users…

Apple is making great strides, but there have been more bumps along the way than normal.  Apple needs to be on point if it wants to keep itself on top.  We really hope all theses little mishaps get fixed soon so that Apple can keep doing what it does best!


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