AI Detects Symptoms of Alzheimer’s 10 Years Before Doctors Can

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic that everyone is always talking about.  AI is currently being developed to help solve difficult problems in computer science, to create robots to teach students, to help improve the job application process for human resources, and the most popular, to help improve medicine and medical technology.  Expanding on […]

Things to Know about Mental Health #worldmentalhealthday

Today is World Mental Health Day and as it stands, mental health concerns are still pushed aside by society as unimportant or irrelevant.  Mental illnesses and concerns are just as valid as physical illnesses.  The stigma that society has created around mental health, due to pure ignorance, has caused those who suffer from mental health […]

5 Things You Are Doing That Are Harmful To Your Dog

We love our pets.  They’re part of the family and we try to take care of them and give them all that we can.  However, sometimes there are things that we do that can harm our four-legged babies, and we never even realize it.  Here are five habits that you need to stop for the […]

Plants Can Get Cancer Too?

Apparently, our plant friends can get cancer too!  Plant tumors are either caused by structural damage or a virus of fungus. According to Popular Science, even though plants can get cancer, they’re not as prone to the effects.  Reason for this is because it doesn’t spread. “That’s because plant cells are typically locked in place […]

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