Xennials: The New Generation Between Gen X and Millennials

Were you born between the years 1977 and 1983? Have you ever felt like you don’t exactly belong to Generation X or the Millennial generation? Good news, you’re not alone and there’s a sub-generation that has got you covered: Xennials. So what exactly identifies a Xennial? We found a perfect image floating the internet that […]

How Transparent Solar Panels Can Improve Energy Use More

This past Monday Michigan State University (MSU) posted on their news website about transparent solar panel technology and how it can change the way renewable energy is captured, and sure enough it has caught our attention! Richard Lunt, the Johansen Crosby Endowed Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at MSU, alongside other researchers […]

AI Detects Symptoms of Alzheimer’s 10 Years Before Doctors Can

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic that everyone is always talking about.  AI is currently being developed to help solve difficult problems in computer science, to create robots to teach students, to help improve the job application process for human resources, and the most popular, to help improve medicine and medical technology.  Expanding on […]

Things to Know about Mental Health #worldmentalhealthday

Today is World Mental Health Day and as it stands, mental health concerns are still pushed aside by society as unimportant or irrelevant.  Mental illnesses and concerns are just as valid as physical illnesses.  The stigma that society has created around mental health, due to pure ignorance, has caused those who suffer from mental health […]

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Wu-Tang | The Saga Continues

“So what is The Saga Continues? It can firstly be classified as a compilation, and secondly as a showcase for…

Weezer | Pacific Daydream

“If you like hooky Weezer, about half of the albums should appeal to you, while the same applies if you’re…

Gucci Mane | Mr. Davis

“The industry’s fingerprints are all over the record, from its guest roster of A-listers like Nicki Minaj and A$AP Rocky…