Adventure offers passionate, unique, and risky encounters. Who hasn’t dreamed about spending their life traveling the world? Who doesn’t like discovering and experiencing new things? All of these can come true with just one click. Adventure’s episodes are teeming with the best journeys, destinations, photos and videos packed with action and adrenaline. But who is behind these expeditions? Sebastian Alvaro, an adventurer and Spanish journalist (Madrid, November 23, 1950) who has been filming his expeditions for more than 27 years.
Sebastian is also the director of “Al filo de lo imposible,” a show about intricate hiking routes in outlandish places such as the Himalayas. He has published several books and articles besides hosting conferences, where he talks about his 216 excursions through the most renowned and spectacular places in the world.


Near the Falkland Islands and Tierra de Fuego, there’s a small island called South Georgia, teeming with mountains, glaciers that reach sea level and room for adventure. And what better way for our favorite alpinist, Sebastian Alvaro, to show us the wonders of this frozen expanse?The expedition began October 3, 2015, where the “Tras las huellas de Shackleton” team was ready to explore the “mountains of the ocean.” Get ready for a trip full of unique landscapes that will spike your adrenaline!

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Journalist Sebastian Alvaro began his professional career as a technician for TVE and since 1981, he has dedicated himself to creating and running a new adventure documentary format with the name “Al filo de lo imposible,” which will solidify as one of the most distinguished TV shows of all time.
For the past 30 years, Sebastian has been Spain’s greatest adventurer as the leader and soul of a technical and specialist team capable of filming the riskiest adventures, from an expedition to the fourteen peaks that together measure up to eight thousand meters, to their hot air balloon landings on the North and South Pole, South Patagonian Ice, Andes Mountains, and also to the Taklaman’s desert and Great Sand Sea.
He has also explored inhospitable places such as Yarlung Tsangpoo Canyon, Antarctica, Fire Land, Karakorum and South Georgias.

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