Miami On Beat

Miami On Beat resides in Miami, the city in where each of the band’s eight members met. Each member contributes their own unique sound and rhythm that originate from each one’s homeland: Cuba, Venezuela, the U.S., giving birth to a sound fusion that cause hips to swing and compel all of Miami and those who hear it to dance. Besides music, M.O.B. will air a daily reality TV show about their job and everyday life, where you will be able to see the band’s formation as well as their early days and accompany them on their journey to success.




After being away from the cameras for some time, the Miami On Beat guys recap what they did during these two busy yet fruitful weeks. There were three key moments for the band: Of course, playing alongside Oscar D’Leon, playing at Miami Fashion Week and the after party. Also, Pipo and Paul explain to us the reasons behind their long camera absence including a Venezuela trip somewhere in between. The band’s mission: “To reach the heart of every individual with good energy and even better vibes.”

Main characters

Paul Benson Rabut
Eduardo Sierra